About Me

Welcome to my store!

My name is Brandy and I'm a stay at home mom and shop owner. My store is ran in my home in Rockport,TX - outside of Corpus Christi. I began by selling bow hangers in 2020 as a hobby. Once COVID hit I began to learn how to make bows. Thankfully with time and work I was able to expand, and open my store. 2020-July 2021 my store was "Down South Creations - Bowtique". August 2021-Present it is now "Honey Bunny Bowtique". I made the decision to change my shop name after my first borns nickname. I am sure this is a name I will call all my babies. It feels more sentimental to me for all of your little ones you allow me to make products for. 

My business is ran solely by me. The work, inventory, preparation and marketing - please have patience. I work as well and fast as I possibly can to make sure your order looks great before leaving my door.

I am thankful for my reps that put in their free time to model and share products for me. Anyone can always feel free to post into the group or tag us on social media!

Every order and share is greatly appreciated!! You are all a blessing.